Bio-Medic, Inc. provides two main types of products for hair replacement: Customized Hair Replacement, and pre-made “Styled-To-Wear” wigs.

Styled-to-Wear Wigs

We offer a large variety of pre-made, styled-to-wear wigs. These wigs can be easily purchased in the office or ordered via phone. Orders take 3 business days to receive.


To Place an Online Order

  1. View each catalog by clicking on the buttons above.
  2. Browse any catalog, noting the product names you wish to purchase.
  3. Contact Bio-Medic at (614) 899-9378.
    • NOTE: The Envy Catalog lists a number to call that is different from the one above. You still need to call Bio-Medic directly, as Envy will just forward you back to Bio-Medic.

Customized Hair Replacement Products

These are custom-made products where human or synthetic hair is placed in an extremely durable, lightweight, and breathable monofilament base.

Custom-made products are available by appointment only. To schedule an appointment – or find out more about these products – Contact Us today!