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Founded in 1974, Bio-Medic Hair Systems, Inc., provides full-service hair replacement for men, women, and children. Our clients are people of all ages who suffer from normal and abnormal hair loss.

Bio-Medic specializes in non-surgical procedures that replace lost hair with human or synthetic hair – placed in a lightweight, breathable, monofilament base. We also offer a variety of styled-to-wear wigs – which can be easily purchased in the office or ordered via phone. (Orders take 3 business days to receive.)

Are you looking for answers? You can rely on our free, no-obligation, and PRIVATE consultation to find the best solution for you! We will provide you with a clear and concise understanding of your hair thinning problem, and then provide answers – assuring you of the right method for your personal situation.

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Monday – Tuesday:   10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
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Our Services

Bio-Medic provides custom and stock hair replacement, styled-to-wear wigs and affordable beauty services.

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Our Products

Bio-Medic offers custom and stock hairpieces, as well as styled-to-wear wigs.

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About Bio-Medic

Get to know us! Learn more about Bio-Medic, Inc. – and what our customers are saying!

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